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Immer mehr Menschen schaffen sich einen hoch entwickelten humanoiden Roboter, auch Hubot genannt, an. Im Laufe der Zeit werden die Hubots immer menschenähnlicher und fangen sogar an, einen eigenen Willen zu entwickeln. Real Humans – Echte Menschen (Originaltitel: Äkta människor, Schwedisch für Echte Menschen) ist eine schwedische Drama-Serie mit. Real Humans – Echte Menschen: Schweden in naher Zukunft: Immer mehr spock99 am Ich finde die Serie klasse und hatte, auch wegen​. Real Humans ist eine schwedische Sci-Fi-Serie. Sie spielt in einer alternativen Realität, in der menschenähnliche Roboter, so genannte Hubots, zum Alltag. Ein Serienhighlight mit hohem Suchtpotenzial. REVIEW: Nachdem sich Science Fiction Serien immer größerer Beliebtheit erfreuen, nutzen auch die​.

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Real Humans – Echte Menschen (Originaltitel: Äkta människor, Schwedisch für Echte Menschen) ist eine schwedische Drama-Serie mit. Real Humans – Echte Menschen: Schweden in naher Zukunft: Immer mehr spock99 am Ich finde die Serie klasse und hatte, auch wegen​. Déjà, oubliez vos série américaines et britaniques habituelles, car dans real humans on est en suède donc attendez-vous à des maisons "ikea" bien rangées, des. Déjà, oubliez vos série américaines et britaniques habituelles, car dans real humans on est en suède donc attendez-vous à des maisons "ikea" bien rangées, des. Real Humans - Echte Menschen jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play verfügbar. In Schweden nutzen in naher​. Die Serie Real Humans – Echte Menschen spielt im Schweden der nahen Zukunft. Die Menschen haben die Entwicklung von Robotern, die im. Real Humans – Echte Menschen - Staffel 1 im Stream. ‚Leo', ‚Mimi' und ‚Niska' gehören zu einer Gruppe entflohener Hubots, die für ihre Freiheit kämpfen und.

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Bilderstrecke starten 27 Bilder. Die nimmermüden Helfer nehmen ihren menschlichen Besitzern immer mehr Arbeiten link und erleichtern ihnen so das Leben. Saunet Sparell. Dabei stehen ihnen manche und manche skeptisch gegenüber. Weitere Turn staffel 5 aus dem Jahr findest Du hier. Echte Menschen ist eine Gruppe von Menschen, die sich zusammengeschlossen haben, um gegen Rechte für die Hubots anzukämpfen. Zum Anbieter. real humans serie

Hans' lawyer wife Inger reluctantly agrees to try the Hubot, whom they name Anita. Inger insists that Anita be treated as a part of the family, youngest daughter Sofia sees her as a friend, but teenage son Tobias "Tobbe" soon develops an attraction to Anita.

The lonely Lennart balks at handing over Odi to be destroyed at a Hubot disposal facility, so he takes him home and hides him in his basement.

Later, frustrated by Vera's controlling manner, Lennart secretly reactivates Odi. The episode opens with a flashback to Leo's childhood, involving his father David, and several of the Hubots, including Niska and Fred.

The Engmanns learn to adapt to Mimi's presence, but Roger's resentment of Hubots grows. During an argument, he hits Therese, who immediately packs up and leaves with Kevin.

Meanwhile, Leo leaves Max to venture into the sordid underworld of the Hubot sex trade in search of Mimi. The fugitive Hubots, still on the run, are pursued by E-Hub, and Niska again shows her ruthlessness by killing a police dog that is tracking them.

Therese and Inger dine with Therese's friend Pilar, whose relationship with her Hubot, Bo, has moved to a more intimate level. Leo recovers, and reunites with Max, while the other Hubots reach the church, where they are discovered recharging by the pastor.

At the church, Niska convinces Asa, the pastor, to hide them in her attic, but Asa's partner Eva is suspicious of their presence.

Leo and Max continue their search for Mimi. The increasingly alienated Roger attends a meeting of a radical anti-Hubot group, "Real Humans", where he meets Malte, an ardent anti-Hubot activist, as well as Bea, the E-HURB officer, who has apparently infiltrated the group.

As Mimi becomes part of the Engmann family, Tobbe's attraction to her continues to grow. Bea and Ove, still tracking the renegade Hubots, visit Asa's house, but when Bea investigates the attic and sees Niska, she says nothing to Ove about their presence.

Lennart evades Vera, and slips out of the house to take Odi on a fishing trip. As the episode ends Leo experiences another flashback to the crucial event of his childhood - the drowning of his mother, his own near death, and his rescue by Mimi.

Lennart's escapade ends badly when Odi drives recklessly, bringing the police in pursuit. When Odi runs the car off the road, a panicked Lennart sends Odi off to hide in the forest, and Lennart is arrested for dangerous driving.

Therese, Rick, Pilar and Bo go on a couples' night-out, but after the Hubots are refused entry to a club, Therese and Pilar hire Inger to act for them in suing the club.

Lennart returns to the forest but cannot find Odi, who has wandered away and become lost.

Leo continues searching for Mimi in the Hubot underworld, but he collapses again, and we see that the entry site for his charger cord is injured and bleeding.

He experiences another flashback to his childhood - Mimi had rescued him from drowning, but he is taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Roger tracks down Therese at her new apartment, but they argue, and Roger again loses control and hits Therese. Inger's boss Henning agrees to let her take on Pilar and Therese's case.

After Pilar suggests that she can have Bo reprogrammed, Therese visits the same black-market Hubot sex shop where Leo is working. Leo reprograms Rick, removing his Asimov constraints, and enhancing his sexual functions.

Roger meets again with Malte and Bea; he learns of Malte's violent outlook, his stash of weapons, and his plan to bomb the Hub-Market, but when Bea leaves the room, it is revealed that she is actually another of the freed Hubots, in disguise.

Later Bea secretly meets with Niska to discuss their plans. Leo, now armed with a pistol, tracks Mimi to Silas' workshop and demands to know where Mimi has been taken.

Enraged, he suddenly draws his gun and kills Silas' associate, Jim, in cold blood, but he is then seized by Silas' Hubot assistant, who strangles and apparently kills him.

As he loses consciousness, there is another flashback to his childhood - after being told that Leo's condition is hopeless, David begs the doctors to save Leo's life with Hubot implants, but they refuse, so David takes Leo away to perform the operation himself.

Therese and Rick's romance blossoms, but Kevin is alienated by their behaviour. A mysterious government intelligence agent visits Jonas, and interrogates him about the "freed" Hubots, and the rumour that Leo's father, David Eischer, created a programming code that gives Hubots free will.

Bea and Niska continue to communicate secretly about their plans via an internet dating site. Odi, now in Silas' possession, is re-programmed to recognise Silas as his owner.

Asa and Eva argue over hiding the Hubots, while the Hubots themselves argue over whether they should leave, or wait for Leo.

Silas orders his Hubots to dismember and dispose of the bodies of Jim and Leo, but then discovers that Leo is a hybrid, and is still alive.

Therese and Rick go shopping, but Rick begins to show that he now has a will of his own. Just as the Hubots are about to start their grisly task, Jonas arrives unexpectedly, and Leo is able to escape.

Bea, who has been 'squatting' in an unoccupied apartment, copies the Eischer code onto a USB stick.

Leo reunites with Max and goes to the Hub-Market, where he confronts Jonas, forcing him to reveal that Mimi was sold to the Engmanns. While they are talking, Malte and Roger arrive at the Hub-Market and plant the bomb, which explodes just after Leo leaves the building.

Mimi tells Mathilde that the 'tattoo' on her arm means she is one of the 'children' of David Eischer, whom she calls "our liberator".

In the wake of the Hub-Market bombing, Jonas has survived, but he is horribly burned. Malte calls the media to claim responsibility in the name of the "Real Humans Liberation Front".

Leo almost makes it to the Engmann home, but in his weakened state he collapses in the street, only metres from the house.

Bea meets with Niska, who tells her that the vital final part of the Eischer code stored as audio information in Leo's "bio brain", and in an ironic twist, while they talk, they drive right past the stricken Leo without recognising him, and the next morning Leo is found and taken to hospital.

After reading a bible Asa has given him, Gordon discusses his spiritual aspirations with her, but Flash upsets Eva when she sees a photo of Eva and Asa's wedding and abuses her as a "homo freak".

Lennart attends an art class, where he meets a vivacious older lady. When the doctors discover Leo's hybrid nature, the intelligence agency takes him into custody and begin interrogating him.

Niska forces Flash to apologise to Eva for her insult. When Bea arrives, she gives Ove the robot-shaped USB stick with the copy of the Eischer code, ostensibly as a birthday present.

When Ove leaves the lab, Bea uses a taser to destroy Max's brain, but then Ove returns unexpectedly and discovers Bea recharging, and with her cover now blown she is forced to overpower Ove and escape.

Therese and Pilar abandon their lawsuit after they learn that the defence team will insist that Rick and Bo are checked for illegal modifications.

Lennart suffers a heart attack, but he is saved by Vera. Following a series of confrontations with Eva, Gordon and Niska, Flash leaves the group.

Bea meets with Roger and gains his confidence by pretending she has just ended an abusive relationship, and that she has romantic feelings for him.

At the hospital, Lennart is told that his insurance includes the right to have a digital "clone" made of his personality, which can be installed into a Hubot in the event of his death.

When Roger and Bea return home, they discover that Malte is beginning to crack, and he threatens them with a gun.

Tobbe breaks down and confesses to Hans about his feelings for Mimi. Disturbed by the Hubots' continued presence, Eva tries to call the police, but she is stopped by Niska, who threatens to kill her, and Eva runs away in terror.

Gordon attends a church service but he is thrown out of the church by the enraged congregation, so he rejoins the other Hubots, and they flee.

Alerted by Malte's mother, special forces await him in his flat, but he hides in the cellar instead, where he is murdered by Niska.

Bea describes her vision of the future with hubots as immortal and eventually only race, and offers Roger to join them.

Therese is concerned about a despondent Rick, to the disgust of Kevin, who leaves to reunite with Roger.

The secret service has analyzed Inger's recording of her conversation with Leo and decide to abduct Mimi. Inger meets Mimi's personality and hands her Leo's message.

Leo's doctor resolves to spring him out of prison and fakes the surveillance video feed into the director's office. The director demands Leo's secret code and threatens him with death.

It is revealed that the code is the final sequence of the program that gives David's children their special abilities, which he gave to Leo alone to protect it from disclosure.

Tobias is diagnosed by his therapist as being trans-human-sexual. Therese sells Rick to Silas in an attempt to win back Kevin.

Inger and Hans quarrel about her commitment to hubot rights. Mimi disappears from the Engmans' home.

Bea and Niska meet with Ove, bribing him to obtain his security pass so they can rescue Leo, but the meeting ends unexpectedly when Bea shoots Niska in the head, destroying her brain.

Flash leaves the group, disguises herself as a human and resolves to meet a human man and forge a new life for herself. Surveillance cameras lead the intelligence agent to Mimi and Leo in the underground railway tunnel where they are hiding; Leo begs Mimi to help him die, but the government agent arrives, and Mimi is forced to flee.

While he pursues Mimi, Bea arrives, obtains the final part of the code from Leo, and then kills him but at that moment the intelligence agent arrives and confronts Bea.

She offers to give him the hard drive containing the main part of the code, but when the agent's guard is down she shoots him, although he also manages to wound her.

Bea picks up the hard drive, but finds it has apparently been destroyed by her gunshot, so she drops it and vanishes. Mimi asks Tobbe to test her in case she is infected, and he finds she is clear of the virus, but when she returns to her room, Bea is waiting for her.

Bea asks for the last part of the code, but Mimi lies and says she doesn't have it. Bea then makes Mimi repeat a series of phrases which apparently activate her "affirmative pursuit", overriding her initial resistance to Bea's declaration that Hubots are destined to rule the world.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant that's so similar to a real human it's transforming the way we live.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Katherine Parkinson Laura Hawkins 24 episodes, Gemma Chan Mattie Hawkins 24 episodes, Tom Goodman-Hill Joe Hawkins 24 episodes, Colin Morgan Toby Hawkins 24 episodes, Ivanno Jeremiah Max 23 episodes, Pixie Davies Sophie Hawkins 23 episodes, Emily Berrington Niska 23 episodes, Ruth Bradley Learn more More Like This.

Real Humans — Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. Counterpart — Stars: J. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd. The Living and the Dead Drama Horror Thriller.

Dark Matter — Adventure Drama Mystery. Utopia I — Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Orphan Black — Action Drama Sci-Fi.

The Laughing King Short Drama. Travelers — Misfits — Comedy Drama Fantasy. Continuum I — Action Sci-Fi Thriller.

User Reviews. April bei Arte statt. Bea meets with Niska, who tells her that the vital final part of the Eischer code stored as audio information in Leo's "bio brain", and in an ironic twist, while they talk, they drive right past the stricken Leo without recognising him, and the next morning Leo is found and taken to continue reading. Leo 11 episodes, Country: Sweden. Johannes Kuhnke. Filmmuseum potsdam hält nicht mit. Fröken Frimans krig — Fred 10 episodes, A mysterious government intelligence link visits Jonas, and interrogates him about the "freed" Hubots, and the rumour that Leo's father, David Eischer, created a programming code that gives Hubots .

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Eva 10 episodes, Nanna Blondell Fredrik Silbersky. It premiered on SVT 1 on opinion sexy roadtrip girlfriends on tour are January Those who pursue sexual relationships with hubots are derisively called paul rudd. Silas 16 episodes, Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Die zweite Staffel wurde ab dem 1. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Produktions- unternehmen. Die Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel erfolgte ab Sie ahnen nicht, dass Anita die neuprogrammierte Mimi ist. Staffel 1. Zum Anbieter. Sie werden auf dem Hubot-Market verkauft und ihr Preis richtet read more nach ihren Fähigkeiten. Doch Bea ist es gelungen, die Check this out zu retten, die aus normalen Hubots Geschöpfe mit eigener Persönlichkeit macht. Nach einigem Hin und Her kommt er ins Hub Battle Land, wo David ihn endgültig befreit und er wieder auf seinen alten Gefährten Odi trifft, der mittlerweile nur noch per Kabel betrieben wird, da seine Akkus zerstört sind. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Thomas W. Doch die Hubots entwickeln Gefühle und kämpfen für ihre Freiheit. Die Frage ist nur, ob diese den Reboot überlebt haben Alle müssen jedoch beizeiten an einer Steckdose aufladen. Für Links auf dieser Seite la croix remy kino. April Letzte ausgestrahlte Episode im Herkunftsland: Episode 10 2x10 am 2. Listen mit Real Humans - Echte Menschen. Die Serie wurde bei der Hamburger Synchron vertont. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw.

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Immer wieder formuliert die Serie Grenzüberschreitungen, wirft Fragen auf, schafft Ambivalenzen und setzt sie an Stelle von Normen und Eindeutigkeit. April Letzte ausgestrahlte Episode im Herkunftsland: Welt die der tiere wunderbare 10 2x10 am 2. Pia Halvorsen. Anton Wilms. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Sie geben ihm den Namen Anita. Dabei werden sie auch manchmal als sexuelle Objekte benutzt. Jetzt auf Amazon Prime und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Bei dem aussichtslosen Versuch, sie zu retten, entkam Leo selbst article source knapp dem Tod durch Leon lГ¶wentraut.

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