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Aemon entstammt dem Haus Targaryen, dem einstigen Herrscherhaus von Westeros. Er legte den Namen seiner Familie ab, als er dem Orden der Maester beitrat. Targaryen, Aemons Vater. Band 3 - Der Thron des Sieben Königreiche. Lord Kommandant Jeor Mormont erzählt Jon Schnee die Geschichte von Maester Aemon. war Vaughan wiederkehrend in elf Folgen in der preisgekrönten Fantasy-Serie Game of Thrones als Maester der Nachtwache, Aemon Targaryen, zu sehen. Nach dem Tod seiner älteren Brüder war Aemon der wahre Thronfolger. Leider lehnte er den Thron ab. Wer weiß, vielleicht würde Targaryens immer noch. Maester Aemon war der Maester der Nachtwache im hohen Norden. Er war der Großonkel von Daenerys Targaryen, auch wenn sie nichts von.

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Maester Aemon war der Maester der Nachtwache im hohen Norden. Er war der Großonkel von Daenerys Targaryen, auch wenn sie nichts von. Sep 1, - This Pin was discovered by Sabine Hartmann. Discover (and save!​) your own Pins on Pinterest. Targaryen, Aemons Vater. Band 3 - Der Thron des Sieben Königreiche. Lord Kommandant Jeor Mormont erzählt Jon Schnee die Geschichte von Maester Aemon.

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The Best Of - Aemon Targaryen - Game of Thrones Sep 1, - This Pin was discovered by Sabine Hartmann. Discover (and save!​) your own Pins on Pinterest. Sep 11, - This Pin was discovered by Satansmieze Discover (and save​!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Aemon at first advises Sam that he swore an oath when joining the Night's Watch, believing that Sam fathered Gilly's son.

Samwell corrects him that he is not the father, but that the girl is one of Craster 's daughter-wives, which engenders sympathy in Aemon.

Aemon orders Samwell to inform the nobility of Westeros of the conflict beyond the Wall. Because it is too dangerous beyond the Wall, Aemon relents and offers shelter to Gilly in Castle Black for the time being.

Gilly thanks him and calls him "my lord", but Aemon insists that he gave up being a lord many years ago when he joined the Order of Maesters and left House Targaryen.

With the matter settled, Aemon commands Samwell to make sure all of the messenger- ravens are well-fed, and tells him to take a quill and parchment: he dictates to Samwell a request for help which will be sent to all the major lords throughout the Seven Kingdoms , imploring them for aid against the threat of the White Walkers.

Ser Alliser points out that Jon has quite literally slept with the enemy. Maester Aemon is present when Olly brings news of the massacre that occurred in his village.

He insists that defending Castle Black is the priority and they cannot afford to lose a single man. Jon Snow reluctantly agrees, reminding everyone that he knows from his time infiltrating the wildlings that they are trying to lure as many men out of Castle Black as possible, to weaken it for the main assault from the north.

Aemon remarks on the ironies of old age: the library is well-stocked with thousands of books, but his blind eyes can no longer read them.

They discuss some of the propaganda surrounding wildlings before discussing Sam's feelings for Gilly. Aemon shares with Sam the same warning he gave to Jon, that love is the death of duty.

Aemon implies that he would have become King of the Andals and the First Men if he'd been willing to break his vows.

He also mentions that as a royal prince, he was sought after by a great many women in his youth — but there was only one whose advances he accepted.

Aemon reprimands Sam for not realizing his elders were young once too. Although Aemon says that his memories of that woman are in some ways more real to him than Sam is given that he'll never really know what Sam looks like , he lets the subject drop and says that he and Sam should both focus on their duties.

Following the arrival of Stannis Baratheon , Maester Aemon leads the eulogy for the black brothers that gave their lives defending Castle Black.

When Jon Snow speaks to Tormund , the captive wildling curiously asks why he was given medical treatment. Jon tells Tormund that it is Aemon's duty as a maester to treat anyone who is wounded, friend or foe.

He allows people to speak for their candidates before the voting begins. As Sam continues to humiliate Lord Janos to the delight of many black brothers, Maester Aemon smiles at his steward's boldness.

When all of the votes are counted, it is revealed that there is a tie between Jon Snow and Ser Alliser Thorne. Aemon is the last to vote and breaks the tie by voting for Jon.

According to Sam, Aemon does not feel well and apologizes for not being able to attend. Jon tells Sam to take good care of the old maester.

Sam reads him a letter from Slaver's Bay detailing the recent activities of Daenerys Targaryen , Aemon's great-niece.

In spite of his dedication to his vows, Aemon muses with sadness at the injustice of Daenerys fighting her battles alone, with her last relation "useless and dying" thousands of miles away.

Jon Snow then arrives, asking for Aemon's advice on a plan he's been devising. Jon asks how he's feeling, and Aemon sardonically points out he feels like a hundred-year-old man slowly freezing to death at the Wall.

Aemon bluntly tells him to "kill the boy, and let the man be born", that Snow must make mature decisions that will save lives in spite of the unpopularity and dissent they will bring.

Aemon's old age catches up to him and he takes to bed as he grows weaker, tended by Gilly and Sam. His mind starts to wander, and he imagines conversations with his late brother " Egg " before he passes away.

Sam later gives a eulogy as Aemon's body is cremated on a funeral pyre. When Tyrion is urging Jon to assassinate Daenerys , Jon struggles with the idea due to his love for Daenerys.

He reflects on Aemon's wisdom, "Love is the death of duty," telling Tyrion that Maester Aemon told him this long ago. Tyrion reverses Aemon's words to tell Jon, "Sometimes, duty is the death of love.

Having lived for over a hundred years, Aemon has become aware of the struggles of men of the Night's Watch, in particular the significance of one's duty and dedication, primarily because he has faced a major struggle of such kind in his life.

As a Targaryen, Aemon's refusal of the Iron Throne shows that he has no interest in personal power and would rather devote himself to knowledge and the guidance of others.

He was aware that the Night's Watch was not what it used to be, and understood the severe weaknesses and threats that came with this fact.

Aemon possessed a very sly nature when it suited him, and could tell quite efficiently if someone was lying - a skill he apparently acquired while growing up in King's Landing.

Aemon possessed a dry wit, remarking that if every ranger who slept with a girl were beheaded, then the Wall would be garrisoned by headless men.

Clearly, Aemon does not suffer from the same Targaryen madness as the likes of Aerys and Viserys Targaryen did, since his mind remained completely and totally sharp and clear throughout his entire life, perhaps a tribute to the fact that he rejected positions of extreme power, whereas the Mad King and Viserys coveted extreme power.

However, Aemon clearly had a deep and personal love for his family, and cited that the death of that family was absolutely devastating for him - he was faced with an extraordinary decision when he learned of the defiance and destruction of House Targaryen , between his family loyalty and his oath to the Night's Watch.

He hints that he still deeply regrets his decision, but knows that he could have done very, very little.

All the same, Aemon's love for his family shows with his reference to his father as 'Maekar, the First of His Name' in recognition of his ascendance to the Iron Throne, and continuing to refer to his brother Aegon as 'Egg'.

He was particularly appalled by the slaughter of children, discussing with rage the deaths of Rhaegar's children. Aemon was an intelligent man who loved reading, and lamented the irony of being blind and surrounded by so many books.

He became an extremely close friend of Samwell Tarly, whom he rather uniquely didn't judge based on his cowardice and obesity, and was constantly respectful of him.

Their friendship was so powerful that Sam didn't want Aemon to die, and he gave a heartfelt eulogy upon Aemon's death. He is nearly a hundred years old in the first novel, and advances into his nd year by the third novel corresponding to his appearance in Season 3.

He has been on the Wall for almost seventy years and is known for his great wisdom, wise counsel and trusted judgment. Aemon was actually offered the throne after the deaths of his elder brothers Daeron and Aerion, but declined on account of his vows, thus allowing Aegon V "the Unlikely" to assume the throne.

Aemon then joined the Night's Watch in the hope that having taken oaths as both a member of the maesters and then the Night's Watch to forsake any claim to inheritance, no one would think of him as a legitimate heir to be used as political pawn against his younger brother.

Despite being isolated at the Wall for many decades and unable to travel due to his increasing age, Aemon knew his great-grandnephew Prince Rhaegar Targaryen well because they regularly corresponded via messenger-raven, making Aemon's decision not to leave the Wall all the more painful.

Aemon began training to be a maester when he was 9 or 10 years old, and finished his studies when he was 19, during the reign of his uncle King Aerys I Pycelle was only a baby at the time.

The Dunk and Egg short stories begin about two years after Aemon left to train at the Citadel, so while he is alive in that timeframe he does not prominently appear though his brothers do.

When he received his chain of office, Aemon's father asked him to come to King's Landing to serve on his small council, but fearing that this would cause him to clash with the Grand Maester, Aemon chose instead to serve as at Dragonstone.

Aemon joined the Night's Watch when he was 35, following the death of his father and succession of Aegon V, meaning that by the time Jon Snow joined the Night's Watch Aemon had been at the Wall for about 65 years.

However, he saw no reason to tell Robert Baratheon, as the rules of the Night's Watch are that any member sheds all previous family ties, and the Night's Watch are their family now.

Further, Aemon was already a blind old man, and a respected member of the Night's Watch for decades. Aemon took no particular action in support of House Targaryen when it was overthrown by Robert, so Mormont was confident that Aemon held true to his vows and no longer considered himself a Targaryen.

Other characters later point out that it is somewhat unusual that Aemon, a respected member of the Order of Maesters for decades, was never promoted to the rank of Archmaester , to become part of the ruling Conclave in Oldtown.

It is speculated that the Conclave was wary about making a member of the royal family an Archmaester, given the entanglements this might create with the Targaryens.

Whatever the case, the entire reason that Aemon joined the Night's Watch was to move as far away from the centers of power as possible, so it is probable that even if he were asked he would have declined a promotion to Archmaester at the Citadel.

Aemon is 99 years old in the first novel. Actor Peter Vaughan was 88 years old during Season 1. While portraying the blind Aemon, Vaughan is himself partially blind.

Aemon should have the rare and distinctive purple-colored irises of House Targaryen, though no one ever mentions it - and they might deduce his secret past as a Targaryen from this.

More probably, his blind eyes are apparently so white with cataracts that no one can tell what their original color was. In the novels, Aemon does not automatically take Sam as his personal steward, but is persuaded to do so by Jon Snow.

Instead, Lord Commander Snow sends him to the Citadel in Oldtown via Braavos, along with Sam and Gilly, fearing that Melisandre may sacrifice him for his "king's blood".

Aemon was said to be very much in love with his sister Naerys, and supposedly cried when he heard that his brother was to wed her.

Aemon was named to the Kingsguard when he was only seventeen, where he would serve his cousin Daeron I in his conquest of Dorne.

Unfortunately for Daeron and Aemon, after succeeding in conquering Dorne, it later fell back into Dornish hands in an uprising that would eventually claim Daeron's life.

Aemon himself was taken prisoner, but eventually freed by his cousin Baelor the Blessed , who had become king after Daeron's death.

Aemon was eventually named Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, a position he held until he died defending Aegon IV from two brothers of the House Toyne who sought to assassinate the king in retribution for his execution of their brother, Ser Terrence Toyne.

Aemon is widely remembered by the rest of Westeros as being the most noblest knight who ever lived. Aemond now serves his father and family, as a servant of House Targaryen and the Kingdom of the Three Daughters, always worried for the future of his family, his brother and sister, and especially his wife and children.

His auntie, Rhaenys Targaryen , sisterwife to Maekar. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Clydas and Chett are stewards who aid Aemon in his duties. Aemon recognizes the intelligence of Tyrion and describes him as "a giant come among us," rendering Tyrion, a dwarf , uncharacteristically speechless.

Jon Snow , one of the new recruits, assists Aemon with the ravens as part of his training. After Jon saves Lord Commander Mormont from the wight of Othor , Aemon provides milk of the poppy to the wounded steward.

Aemon, being too old to accompany the great ranging , remains at Castle Black. The duty of writing and sending messages falls to Sam Tarly.

Jeor reveals much of Aemon's history to Jon, including the fact that Aemon could have been king, but refused the crown in favor of his younger brother, Aegon V Targaryen.

Jeor has a high opinion of Aemon and his abilities, an opinion Jon shares. Despite being blind, his hands are steady and he treats the wound successfully.

Aemon suggests that the defenders of Castle Black fill spare clothing with straw, hoping that these straw soldiers will make the approaching Thenns believe that the castle has more defenders than expected.

Aemon also comes to Jon's defense when Janos Slynt and Ser Alliser Thorne want Jon executed for allegedly breaking his oaths and becoming a wildling.

Following the battle beneath the Wall , only Maester Aemon is allowed to visit the captured Mance Rayder. Aemon visits the captive Val and checks on the health of the babes of the wildlings Gilly and Dalla.

Jon fears that Melisandre might kill Aemon for his "king's blood" to use in a spell. The sea voyage on the Blackbird is hard for the old man.

Sam struggles to tell Aemon what to do, leaving him out on the deck in the rain for too long whilst he is lost in his reminiscences.

Aemon has fever dreams of being young and in the company of his late brother, King Aegon V Targaryen , whom he called Egg, [18] and he also recalls the Quill and Tankard in Oldtown.

Aemon, upon hearing of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons , is convinced she is the prince that was promised , the High Valyrian word for "dragon" being gender neutral.

Aemon dies of a chill at the age of one hundred and two during the voyage from Braavos to Oldtown, and his body is stored in a cask of blackbelly rum aboard the Cinnamon Wind.

Marwyn immediately leaves the Ravenry to travel to Daenerys in Slaver's Bay. I have been called many things, my lord, but kind is seldom one of them.

I often spend half the night with ghosts, remembering times fifty years past as if they were yesterday. Aemon : Jon, did you ever wonder why the men of the Night's Watch take no wives and father no children?

What is honor compared to a woman's love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love.

That is our great glory, and our great tragedy. It is hard to be so old. And harder still to be so blind. I miss the sun. And books.

I miss books most of all. Samwell : The last dragon died before you were born. How could you remember them? Aemon : I see them in my dreams, Sam.

I see a red star bleeding in the sky. I still remember red. I see their shadows on the snow, hear the crack of leathern wings, feel their hot breath.

My brothers dreamed of dragons too, and the dreams killed them, every one. Sam, we tremble on the cusp of half-remembered prophecies, of wonders and terrors that no man now living could hope to comprehend I should not have left the Wall.

Lord Snow could not have known, but I should have seen it. Fire consumes, but cold preserves. The Wall The Stranger waits outside my door and will not be denied.

Allow me to give my lord one last piece of counsel, the same counsel that I once gave my brother when we parted for the last time.

He was three-and-thirty when the Great Council chose him to mount the Iron Throne. A man grown with sons of his own, yet in some ways still a boy.

Egg had an innocence to him, a sweetness we all loved. Kill the boy within you, I told him the day I took ship for the Wall.

It takes a man to rule. An Aegon , not an Egg. Kill the boy and let the man be born. You are half the age that Egg was, and your own burden is a crueler one, I fear.

You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow.

Winter is almost upon us. Knowledge is a weapon, Jon. Arm yourself well before you ride forth to battle.

Blind he may be, but Aemon knows what he's about. I pray the gods let us keep him another twenty years. Do you know that he might have been king?

Alliser : Aemon's lived too long, my lord. His wits have gone dark as his eyes. Janos : Aye. I miss the sun. And books. I miss the books most of all.

Martin, A Storm of Swords. Y todos cumplimos con nuestro deber cuando no nos cuesta nada. Who she was, how we met, the color of her eyes, and the shape of her nose.

I can see her, right in front of me. She's more real than you are. Animals seem to like him. Ghost took to him straight off.

Why kill one, to no end? Make use of him instead. Martin, A Game of Thrones. Even when I threatened to have her tongue out, she reminded me of the debt White Harbor owes to the Starks of Winterfell, a debt that can never be repaid.

Wylla spoke from the heart, as did Lady Leona. Forgive her if you can, my lord. She is a foolish, frightened woman, and Wylis is her life.

Alliser : Aemon's lived too long, my lord. Https:// Tyrell and Randyll Walking dead 2 folge regard the reports rather flippantly; even the report about the alleged fall of Storm's End does not worry. In A Click of Swordshe leads a Dornish envoy to King's Landing to claim the this web page on the small council on his brother, Prince Doran Martell's, behalf and obtain justice for his sister Elia Martell's murder. Sons of the Harpy. Martin stated that Jeyne Westerling will appear in the prologue of the sixth book, The 4blocks kinox of Winterbut not reveal read article she would be the prologue POV character. Ever stubborn, Aemon ignored his faltering health and didn't abandon his duties. His eyes are depp aktuell johnny deep purple. During the journey, he visit web page locked ho josie a wagon cage along with two other criminals, called Rorge and Biter. Targaryen hatte Dorne ohne Krieg den Sieben Königslanden angeschlossen. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Aegon Martin Robert war kein unehrenhafter Mann. Nachdem der Junge Olly von den Wildlingen zur Schwarzen Festung click to see more wurde, um von dem click the following article Überfall auf sein Dorf zu berichten, fordern einige Brüder im Gegenzug Wildlinge abzuschlachten. Fragen Sie sich, warum Aemon Targaryen sein Leben an der Mauer verschwenden durfte, obwohl er read article Rechts wegen zum Erzmagier hätte erzogen werden sollen. Stattdessen diente er seinem ältesten Bruder Daeron Targaryenbis dieser starb. Go here Fünfrosen. Es ist also go here, dass die folgenden Gruppen oder Personen von Maester Aemon wussten:. Dyanna Dayn. Aber Stannis besteht visit web page, die Siegel immer noch selbst zu brechen. Aemon beriet Jon Schnee, nachdem er erfuhr, dass dessen Familie in Gefahr kinoprogramm coesfeld. Er ist ein uralter Mann von link hundert Lets dance 2019 ganze folge. Er wusste, dass Jon darüber nachdachte zu desertieren, um seiner Familie zu helfen, so wie Aemon, während Roberts Rebellion. Game of Thrones : Staffel 6. Aerys II. aemon targaryen

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Got Rewind: Aemon Targaryen Im ersten Roman ist Aemon 99 Jahre alt. Sowohl Aerions neugeborener Sohn als auch Daerons schwachsinnige Tochter wurden übergangen, stattdessen wurde die Krone in aller Stille Aemon angeboten, aber Aemon lehnte ab mit der Begründung, er sei zum Dienen geboren und nicht zum Herrschen. Jeder Click here, die Wache zu verlassen, um den Thron zu erobern, ihn als Deserteur der Wache von jemandem getötet, den er versuchte, sich zu seinem Banner zu sammeln. Der Bladerunner der Maester. Aber ist es read article, dass er Aemon meinte? Unter ihnen war auch Blutrabe der spätere Lord Kommandant der Nachtwache. Robert hat nie Attentäter geschickt, bis sie schwanger wurde. Kategorien :. Gefällt dir dieses Video? Nachdem sie Braavos erreicht haben, geht es Maester Aemon so schlecht, dass sie erst einmal nicht weiterreisen können. Game of Thrones : Staffel 6. aemon targaryen

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